Here at MP3Vidi, we have learned so much engaging with so many of you. Artists, bands, DJs, producers, record labels, distributors, publishers and MCNs we heard you loud and clear about what you go through to generate these simple videos for sound recordings by syncing them with visual art experiences like cover art, audio reactive visual art, and graphic designs. 

With our goal being to provide the best automated solution for the creation of art track videos, we went back to the drawing board, evolving our product to better meet your needs when it comes to streamlining your technical operations and lowering your costs around creating art track videos for music and audio distribution, marketing, and monetization on video platforms (like YouTube), social media, and mobile. 

Now, we'd like to introduce,, a fast, scalable and simple, yet powerful solution that won't break the bank. Click the button below to learn more and request an invite to our early-access Private Beta Program.

Thank you for four years!

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